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Career coaching cards

This unique set of cards have been created by to help people who want to think about their work and to stimulate ideas. 

The card pack contain 24 situations that describe how you may be feeling about your work. You then sort the cards out and use the coaching cards to think differently about your situation. Do this alone or with a friend. 

Each card has a unique design which have been created for these cards. The cards work like a mirror reflecting back to you your work situation and then allow you to make some decisions about your future. 

These cards were created, designed and manufactured in the UK.
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Telephone career coaching
For many people, the career coaching cards are enough to help them make the changes that they want to make.  

However if you need more support after using the Career Coaching Carers then we provide telephone Career Coaching.

The first session is £50, with any additional sessions charged at £100. 


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